Spiritual Giftedness

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Christ’s final directive is the basis for the Pentecostal renewal in Christianity that occurred in the early 1900s. The history of this renewal is a fascinating subject, in and of itself, but Dr. Nunnally’s efforts in Spiritual Giftedness focus on the dynamo that drove that history.

As early 20th century believers sought deeper connection to the Heavenly Father, the “promise of power from on high” came upon them in an outpouring of the Holy Spirit. As a result, their approach to life changed; the way they entered into public worship, changed; their traditions of study and prayer, changed. In short, the Pentecostal revival in the early 1900s mirrored the initial, dynamic events recorded in the book of Acts, 2,000-years earlier.

Spiritual Giftedness provides a fresh look at the power of Pentecost. Sometimes it’s funny, sometimes historical, sometimes deeply theological, but it’s always informing. Spiritual Giftedness offers the reader a discourse, seldom pursued, but greatly needed.

Media/Audio runtime: 8+ hrs (iBook)

The Kindle version is read-only.


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