Blood Toys

bood toys SLIDER

Available for iBooks and Kindle

In 1996, discovery of the long-lost sub bunker, Point 103, in northern Canada, provoked inconvenient and terrifying questions about World War II. Had anyone but a documentary film crew made the discovery, the questions would’ve never survived the daily news cycle. The resulting TV-production reopened a terrifying chapter on German occult science, UFOs and the Nazi foray into the paranormal, subjects pretty much foreclosed by the US government. Today, an even darker understanding of the Reich has begun to emerge — thanks to Baffin. We now suspect: the “holes” in the historical record were intentional, aimed at hiding a wide spectrum of subjects, from alternative fuels, UFO technology, occult science and technology, to the nature of the cosmos, itself. Blood Toys tells what is known of the story. It is a fiction. Mostly.

Blood Toys for iTunes is enhanced with graphics and interactive document exhibits. The title provides the option of hearing the author read each chapter. Media Runtime: 7+ hours 

The Kindle edition is read-only.

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